Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Story of Meera

There were two kinds of women in Vrindavan: those who were born there and those who came there in marriage.
While Radha was a Vrajavasi, there was a girl was from Mathura.
She came to Vrindavan as a new bride.
Her friends had already been teasing her that she would lose herself to the famous blue-complexioned boy, but she had laughed it off.

She had come to Vrindavan to make it her home.
But, she saw no homes there.
When she went, she saw not the splendor of Vraj, but utter disaster.
It was raining incessantly. There were dilapidated ruins of houses all around her. Trees were falling.
And, there were none around her.
Such appalling sights for a new bride!
And then she saw!
A mountain hanging in mid-air!
Amazed, she went to see what it was/
And there she saw, a blue-complexioned boy, with peacock feathers in His hair, wearing a yellow garment, His hands bearing the large mountain almost lazily by the pinky.
She saw the whole village crowded around His feet, staring at Him with happiness.

Then she realized-there were no houses in Vraj, but they had found the truest shelter.
And, she lost herself to Him that very minute.
And, as she stood dumbstruck, He invited her with His eyes, smiling.
But, just then, a stroke of lightning struck her.
She died instantly, the thoughts of Giridhari in her head, and her eyes, and her heart.
i have read that it was this girl who was born as Meera.
She always sang about Giridhari, in all her songs.
This is why.
Coz the reason of her birth was her intense longing for Giridhari. :)


  1. The pic of Krishna in this was decorated by me. Do tell me how He looks here :)

  2. ILWK, great post! I could just imagine Meera's astonishment when she saw everything in ruins, and saw Krishna holding a hill over His head, providing shelter to everyone! Ah, it is only fitting that she collapsed with love for Him!!

    And your decoration is very good :) Krishna looks beautiful as always, and even more so when He is lovingly decorated by His loving devotee :)

  3. In Love With KrishnaFebruary 10, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    @DP: Yes, i had read this story somewhere.
    The scene just kept playing in my head.
    i thought her death was cruel. It just kept playing on and on and on in my head.
    That's when i started thinking new angles to it, like what a new bride will expect in her new house, instead, what she might have seen, how she might have found Krishna holding the Govardhana hill aloft,.....

  4. How did she die? I thought she was united with Krishna in His deity form in a temple?

  5. @DP: Yes, Meera did finally unite with Her Krishna. :))
    i was talking about this:
    //But, just then, a stroke of lightning struck her.
    She died instantly, the thoughts of Giridhari in her head, and her eyes, and her heart.//

  6. @DP: i read this story (post) somewhere, i dunno if it's even a reliable source, but this story affected my thoughts deeply.

  7. Oh I see. I never heard of this before. Mirabai was born in the 1400s, according to online sources. So the time gap is far too big between her birth and Krishna's Govardhan leela. This narration must be a poetic one. Nevertheless, it's very touching!

  8. @DP: i thought i made it clear.
    it says this girl was born as Meera ie. this is a story of Meera's previous birth.
    Ofcourse, i cannot trust the legitimacy of my source, but the story touched me nevertheless. :))

  9. never read this story before, very touching..:)