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An untold story-Part 2

Hi All,

Am very sorry for the delay in posting the sequel for my blog on "Untold story". Please check out the link below for the 1st part of the story.

Here goes the final one:-)

                   The thunder storm was indeed a blessing in disguise. Chandrika's dad and her brother convinced Krishna and Balarama to stay back that night in their house due to the bad weather. Within a while dinner was served with utmost devotion by Chandrika's mom and Chandrika helped her mom with whatever she could continuously thinking about Krishna secretly in her heart.  After dinner, when chandrika was serving water to help her guests to wash their hands in the garden behind her kitchen, krishna caught hold of her beautiful hands tightly making chandrika drop the pot of water. Chandrika's hands started shivering out of excitement & nervousness. She tried her best to squeeze away her hand from Madhusudhana but he held them so tight that her delicate hands turned pink. She looked at him helplessly panting and sweating. He gazed at her with a beautiful smile and his inviting eyes whispered, "I can't wait to hug you!" She somehow struggled and took back her hands at once turning away from Krishna with eyes filled with tears. She said, "I belong only to Lord Sri Hari. Please do not have such intentions towards me......"

Krishna said with a laugh- " you know I am very adamant with my devotees and attached to them. Even by chance if my devotees get away from me due to illusion or forgetfulness, I grab them back to me in no minute as I don't part away from my devotees and won't let them go away from me.....I am everything to my dear devotees and they are everything to me..... that is the intimacy we share....."

Chandrika was admiring his speech and in response she said lifting one of her rainbow-like eyebrow, "You are a smooth talker....but try your hand with other beautiful girls. Don't try to impress me by talking like the ultimate lord....."

Krishna with a witty smile said, "well.., then I don't know how you hugged me so tightly in the temple and even kissed me when I read your beautiful palms. Infact you hugged me so tight that few of your bangles too broke if am not wrong!"

Chandrika's eyes widened as she heard what Krishna said realising that it was the lord himself who came in disguise of an old lady in the temple and it is the very Lord of her life who is standing in front of her with the most beautiful smile. She stood still gazing at him in surprise with tears flooded eyes. Krishna taking advantage of that little situation came a little closer and told her with a sweetest smile, "Chandrika, you have waited for me all your life crying and hankering for me alone. Now the time has ripened and I have come here just for you! I hide myself only to reveal myself to my dear devotees...I remain silent only to talk to my devotees very have to understand me" Chandrika's happiness knew no bounds.....that very second Chandrika threw herself on Krishna hugging him tightly, crying and laughing out of joy for having embraced the most adorable lord of her heart for whom she waited all her life. Krishna kissed her neck and whispered in her ears, "you always belong to me alone Chandrika...."

Soon it was time for all of them to hit their beds for a good sleep however we know that these two lovers were not in a mood to sleep. Beautiful and comfortable rooms were offered to the guests and very soon all were fast asleep.

                              Chandrika was so troubled out of passion for Krishna that she couldn't even stay still for a second in her bed. She kept squeezing her pillow thinking about the most charming Krishna. Her eyes were longing for his beautiful sight again, her arms were hugging him in imagination, her lips smiled whenever his touch was remembered, her hips starved for his touch, her braided hair was loosened for him to tousle, her breasts were moving up and down like beautiful waves as she was breathing heavily being aroused by the most enchanting Krishna, her feet wanted to run to his bedroom, her shyness arrested her feet........Krishna who waits to bless his devotees every second, sneaked out to the beautiful garden and started playing his most romantic and inviting music with his flute. No more could Chandrika resist...she got up from her bed which until then felt like thorns to her due to separation from lord Narayanan. She ran towards the garden like a swift wind.... her bangles, anklets and earings jingled beautifully. It was a full moon night. The entire garden was bright and beautiful with so much of romance in air! Krishna was comfortably leaning against a parijatham tree sitting on the bed of smooth grass. Chandrika walked slowly towards him gazing at him passionately. After a point, she stood still in the garden being unable to take the next step towards him. She smiled with her head bowed down....few of the flowers from her hair fell down due to the cold breeze after the rain decorating the fresh smelling grass. Krishna got up and came near her totally admiring the love, emotions and expressions of his girl. He came so close that she had to go a step back being unable to stand at such close-quarters. Her heart was beating so fast than ever.......her eyes were restless...her hands stopped him pressing his majestic chest slightly from coming further close. Krishna gently slided his hands on her slender waist, grabbed her near and gently kissed her forehead. She stayed still closing her eyes and smiling.......Krishna with a very beautiful smile leaned a bit on her trying to kiss her lips, she just pushed him and ran away from him a few steps away. Krishna chased her...., dragged her towards him holding her bangled hands and they made love all night. It was such a magical night! As the sky started to brighten-up, it gave the fear of separation to Chandrika as she knew that he was going to take-off to Dwaraka that morning. She was lying on his beautiful chest. Krishna was relaxing. It was breezy and cool..they were enjoying each other's company. Chandrika's tears rolled down wetting Krishna's chest. She hugged him even more tightly as though communicating, "I can't let you go.........." Krishna wiped her tears and promised her that he would come back and marry her for sure. That morning the young and handsome brothers had to say bye to everyone. As their horses kept moving forward, Chandrika kept gazing at Krishna, tears were pouring from her eyes. Krishna looked at her with immense love and gave a consoling smile.

       After a couple of years krishna came back to that village asking for Chandrika's hand. Her family was very thrilled with the proposal. The marriage was conducted with pomp in that village. Everywhere there was celebration. The bride and the groom were decked-up in a grand manner, people were playing all sorts of musical instruments celebrating the occasion. Chandrika was married to Krishna very beautifully making the entire village happy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Krishna's Names

Sometimes at work, I end up with nothing at all to do while I wait for some tasks to be assigned to me. Obviously, I get really bored and try to come up with ways to entertain myself. I'll open up Excel, type down numbers, count the seconds, count in French, make lists, etc.

Yesterday, I thought I'd try to see how many names of Krishna I knew. I was sad to see that I only remembered about 10-12 names. Upon racking my brains, I got that number to about 20-25. Good enough, I thought. I wanted to reread the list.

Little did I know Krishna's joy was hiding somewhere. As I reread the list, Krishna's leelas flooded my mind. Each name reminded me of the story behind it. Each leela appeared before my eyes, but fast forwarded. 'Ranchoddrai' because he left a fight, 'Madhusudana' because he killed the demon Madhu, 'Govardhandhari' because he lifted the Govardhan hill... Each leela was played out in front of me and before I knew it, I was swelling with fond rememberance of his pastimes, smiling at my monitor like a mad girl, but my heart was in a whole other world.

 What a glorious way to spend my time! If only I could do this always! It would be nice to think of Krishna all the time! It feels soooooo gooooood! If only thinking of his wonderful names can create such a beautiful experience, imagine what being in his company will do! The Lord is so merciful that he has invested his potencies in all his names. Therefore even calling his name is as good as being in direct association with him. Could he make it any more easier for us to reach him?!

 Some of my favourite names of Krishna are: 'Madhav' meaning bringer of springtime; 'Krishna' meaning all-attractive; 'Gopinath' meaning Lord of the gopis; 'Keshav' meaning beautiful haired; and 'Madan' meaning the Lord of Love. What are some of your favorite names of Krishna and their meanings? Leave comments please :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lord Hari-please attract me more!

As without the sunlight, the lotuses can’t blossom, without Hari’s sweet & kind intention to attract me, I can’t think of him….

Kodhai(Andal) lived for 15 years absolutely immersed in Hari bakthi…If only I could get just 5 mins from her 15 years, I’ll consider myself lucky! And during those precious 5 mins(generously shared by my elder sister Kodhai), I shall grab his beautiful lotus feet and ask him, “Hari, let me constantly have this love for you ever & ever…no matter how many births this soul awaits to take, let me always be bound by your love….let this heart be filled with over-flowing passion for you! Let this mind & intelligence be fixed on you! Let me please you with my thoughts & deeds! Let this mouth always sing your names and your glories, let this ears always hear about you! Let me forget myself in thoughts of you…….let me unite with you!”

For what better purpose this birth was blessed on me?
Only to please Hari, serve Hari, Talk about Hari, Write about Hari…..above all, Love Hari whole-heartedly!! What else can give this happiness? What else can give this pain? Who else other than Hari can make me so crazy? Who else can this heart hold when there is no space literally as Hari has occupied all the space!

I have never loved anyone so much, have never been angry with anyone so much, have never craved for anyone so much, have never talked about anyone so much, have never cried for anyone so much, have never laughed so much, have never been aroused so much, …..all the emotions are directed to him. Like how the waves belong to the sea alone, all my emotions are greedily taken by that Hari……yet everything feels so little…not even close to the size of a drop of water in the ocean…..why do I want Vaikuntam? Why Do I want heavenly planets? All that this heart yearns is to love him more, experience this love for him again & again & again…..

Oh!! Mother Earth is my home----will return here as much as possible to think of him, wander hither & thither singing about him, Shall be housed in a place encircled with sweet & colorful flowers which I shall pluck singing about him, deeply immersed in love, make beautiful garlands and decorate him, Shall decorate myself with sweet smelling flowers and beautiful attire for him to gaze at me & embrace me, shall rag him, chide him, play with him, be mad at him until he consoles me, shall grab him and celebrate love with him……shall make him happy, so happy that he sheds tears of joy! Shall give him immense pleasure to the extent that he starts to sweat and pant! Oh! What will I do to ease the situation for him other than stroke his beautiful hair with my delicate fingers!!! Shall cook for him, serve him & fan him while he eats.., as a gift for the delicious food I shall partake some food along with him…..shall massage him with oil and bathe him……though his wife I shall take care of him like a child!!! Vaikuntam cannot facilitate as much as my mother Earth facilitates me----!!!! I keep asking myself then…..”Ok what is the end then? When only will this soul reach Vaikuntam-his abode and unite with him eternally?” My only answer is…”Hari only cares!!!! Who am I to care? Only He belongs to me……He decides every step for me….When He is there why should I keep wondering about other things?” All that I want is “BIRTH” to love HIM and unite with himJ- He only gives desires….He is the DOER! Who am I but a puppet in his hands!!

I beg him to attract me more to him!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

o re Kanha Bhajan. . .

It has been a LONG while since I did the effort of putting something up here. Usually, some work would come up and I would keep procrastinating the task that actually matters- that of composing and sharing Krishna's bhajans. I have composed this one two days ago, and then I thought why not share it with you all since I had some spare time out, so here goes...


Aisi sunaade taan murli ki tu, piya
Bhool ke jag, bane atmaa nartak.
Tere paas dodhi aavu,
Khaandoh pe sarr jhhukavu,
Bhaju Krishna
BHaju Krishna- Subha shaam
O re Kanha! . . .

Murli ko chhooteh adaram madhuram, piya
Sargam goonje, mann kartaa hai nrityam
Bhoole bhan aaj naachu,
Koi shastra tujhme vaachu,
Huwe tere
Huwe tere - Mere pran
O re Kanha! . . .

Yaduvanshi, Giridhar Gopal, piya
Teri leela, teri maya hai vishaal
Bhramit hai yeh dharti,
Vichillit hai yeh Buddhi,
Kaise gaaye?
Kaise gaye? - gun gaan
O re Kanha! . . .

Radha, Meera hogayi bawari, piya
Gopi ne chhode ghar, aayi tere paas.
Aisa kya hai uss murli mein?
Aisa kya hai piya tujhme?
Main bhi sunlu,
Main bhi sunlu -ek baar
O re Kanha! . . .


If i manage to find some more time then I promise for a translation to this, but anyone is welcome to do the honors if they want to!
Hope you liked it, Hope Krishna liked it!!

It feels great to be "back to normal" again. I missed all this tremendously...
Apologies for all the silence ladies and gentlemen. I will try to be more committed from now on! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Message to Lord Hari..

Hmm My Lord Hari, won’t you come out of your intricate maze and reveal yourself to me?
You are the one who stole this heart and now how could you be so detached from me?
You are one who came chasing me but the moment I looked around to find you, YOU have GONE to the invisible city to which no one knows the route!!!(atleast I do not know the route)…
The more I try to find you, the more you hide behind the screens…
The more I try to understand you, you try to make it more complex for me by hiding in puzzles..
The more I want to be with you, looks like you make me chase you more vigorously…..I do get breathless Hari….!
The less or more I talk to you….your ONLY response is SILENCE!!! Am I talking to my bedroom walls Hari? Hmm…even in that case, the walls would have given me some response to my tears?
Is this fair on your part dear lord??
I have told my friends that you are easily approachable with a lot of confidence in you…now you are contradicting my understanding is it dear lord?
Is it a new test? Or a new game of love?
Whatever be it… yours! You have full authority on me. Am ALL yours for ever & ever! You may play any sort of game whether it brings smile on my face or tears on my eyes…both are same to me as long as this heart is glued to your enchanting form….
Dear Narayana.., If you are going to complain about my inadequate devotion to you & if you are going to establish that as a reason for not coming in front of me , dear Lord, here …I have only one response to all your complains……**am Surrender unto you totally**...Nothing belongs to me except YOU Hari! Am like a clay in your beautiful hands. You have to give your desired shape, color, size and make it your favorite pot! What control does the clay have Hari????? Can the poor clay turn into a beautiful huge colorful pot on its own? I can’t even untangle myself from materialistic complex knots all by myself without YOU then how do you expect me to please you Hari……?
You should only bless me to please you Hari……forever!
You should bless me to make you HAPPY…forever!
You should make me a worthy instrument in your hand….forever!
You should ALWAYS keep me attracted to you alone…..
The moment I place a cup of milk in a vessel and say, “krishnarpanam!” thinking about you, it becomes yours, isn’t it? I place myself on a bed of roses and say.., “Krishnarpanam!”……..only the roses reach you is it sweet Hari? I don’t think so my pillows get drenched in tears of those lucky roses Hari? ……oh if you have misunderstood……please watch me closely Hari…….my pillows get drenched out of my unstoppable tears………my bed sheets get drenched out of passion for YOU alone Hari…..
Nothing more can this shameless creature say Hari……
I Love you my dear lord…..perhaps it is nothing in front of your eyes after having immersed in the immense love of your other dear girlfriends and consorts BUT please remember dear Narayana this heart doesn’t crave for anyone or anything else as it craves for you! You have swallowed my entire heart and forgotten all about it totally L

Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year episode!

An amazing event happened on New Year’s day in my T.Nagar (venkata Narayana rd) Hari’s temple.
Generally the queue is so lengthy on New Year’s Day. The queue starts 3 to 4 streets away from the temple. The darshan of the lord starts from 2.30 am and continues through-out the day except for neyvedhyam breaks (break-fast & lunch for the lord).
I had been so happy for the entire week as I was looking forward to meeting him early in the morning on New Year’s day. Meeting him wasn’t any secret that particular!
The prior day itself, I arranged for our regular auto guy to pick me up in the morning, I chose my outfit, my accessories, planned on doing a facial, etc.., Generally when I go & meet him, I wear salwars or jeans…but on New year’s day I wanted to wear a silk Saree and be dressed up very well to meet him… just wanted to be as beautiful as possible. Always meeting him is like going on a dateJ and I knew he was going to be totally decked-up too…..WAW I was so high thinking about all that the prior day. I kept jumping around at home. I had set my alarm at 4.45am but slept only at 3…or 3.15 am because of all kinds of haunting thoughts about the special moment of meeting him the next day.
But all my happiness was put to an END the moment I got-up and noticed that I had my chums…..I couldn’t just believe it……It was not even my cycle time! Till then I had thought even he would be eager to see me but all such sweet feelings and understanding about perumal’s love was shaken-up for a moment. You know, honestly I wasn’t mad at him neither did I weep….I was shocked totally! ..I just made up my mind to anyways go to T.Nagar as per the plan, and see him from the road itself. In that particular temple, you can see the lord even when you stand outside the temple. I thought I can just stand outside, see him (rather he can see me) and get back.(ofcourse he always sees me..thats different) but just wanted the union of T.nagar perumal…..I was so desperate! But I did not tell anyone about my chums as they wouldn’t allow me to go to temple during periods time. As per our family practices, we are even prohibited to utter his names for those 4 days….but I utter his name,  do all my prayers but I refrain from going to temples…I have been brought-up like that…
However, I reached the temple and was taken aback at the queue. I tried catching his glimpse standing outside the temple but no luck…I could only see N number of head counts who were rushing to see him. Only then I started crying….I was standing out and crying not knowing what to do…..No No I did not expect to go near him …..but just wanted to see him atleast from far away distance. Since even that was not possible, I made-up my mind to stand in Q, reach very close to the actual gate(entrance of the temple), look at him once and then return back straight away without entering inside the gate. So I stood in queue, kept singing one of the Hari Kirtans not with sooooooo much of love though…as I was displeased with my Hari…….hmmm even if you are mad at him where can you run away from him? Whether he makes you happy or sad or mad, you have none other than HARI…….anyway, I just reached the actual entrance, saw him for a second from outside, just came abruptly out of the Queue without entering the gate. After coming out of the queue, I kept looking at him from behind the locked gates of the prayer hall…..Couple of  volunteers were standing there…I just stood there for about few seconds, one of the volunteers literally yelled at me for standing there out-side the prayer hall. The prayer hall was locked for darshan that day! And it was not fair to stand behind the prayer hall gate and take his darshan so I immediately obeyed when the volunteers tried pushing me away from that place. My heart was so filled with displeasure on Hari that I couldn’t even utter a word nor shed a drop of tear that time.  I just came out thinking…”ok let me leave from this place!!!” I don’t know what happened….one of the volunteers there came to me and said, “You want to see the lord, right?”……..I showed him a “NO” facial expression as Only I know that am not allowed to go in. That volunteer just brushed away my “NO” facial expressions and straight away went ahead and unlocked the prayer hall gate and said, “Go…….Go Inside, there are two benches for the cops to stand & guide the q….you go and stand-up on one of those benches and have a complete darshan of the lord” I was startled…....No one was allowed there….only few cops were standing inside. ….I just couldn’t enter the gate even when the volunteer forced me to get in…I stood outside the gate of prayer hall like a stone….that volunteer kept forcing me…”Ponga ponga…..” (“Go Go”)……I just couldn’t step-in even then….in my heart I said to the lord, “ohhhhhhhhh…….How will I come now????”  guys you won’t believe what the volunteer said to me….he said with a stern tone looking at me, “AM telling you….. GO IN & HAVE HIS DARSHAN!!!!!!!!!” I just stepped-in and straight went inside, stood next to one of the cops on the bench & had his beautiful darshan……I cried & laughed simultaneously…it was such a beautiful moment!!!!!! ……and I was there standing & crying for his abundant mercy & love……He was draped in a golden color outfit…he was so beautiful and literally smiled at me so much! I don’t know what the cops would have thought… one was there in that hall except for those 2 cops & myself….. There was q separator in between & the queue was moving right in front of us…the cops were monitoring the Q.  I got his darshan for such a long time and returned back with so much of happiness.  Thank God I had my chums! It was such a special day! I couldn’t even utter a word to him out of joy…
While handling such a huge crowd and especially when one is prohibited to go to the prayer hall and with all the cops standing there, why on earth would someone unlock the gate and force a girl to get-in and have his darshan?  Who on earth would someone compel a girl to have his darshan even when the dumb female refuses to do so…..?
What do I say about his mercy & love the world is lucky to have such a sweet lord…..
No one can love us as much as Hari loves us…..He is crazy to love us so much….what else can I say!!!! We are not crazy like him……we love the most precious one…we love the most adorable one…..we love the greatest of the great……look at him!!!! ….he loves the most unworthy one!!!!!!!! Of what benefit are we to him? We are not crazy like him…we love the best one!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Untold Story!

HI Guys..,

It has been my dream to post this blog here for the past 3 to 4 months. You will realize the reason as you keep reading the blog as to why I was skeptical all this while. Well, we generally talk about the stories of Krishna/Hari right? Or we do write poems on him...but this blog of mine is quite different. We all have so many fantasies about our Krishna, don't we? Like sometimes when we hear few stories about him (esp kothai, meera, Radha such kind of devotees) we end-up thinking, "how nice it would have been if I was born like her!!!" I am generally a very dreamy person! I don't know...I keep dreaming many things about Hari...I keep dreaming about our union almost everyday. I write many things which I dreamt or dream (I do not post ALL of them here).....but this story which I have posted below(is one of my beautiful dreams-i had written it long back) Somehow just thought of sharing it with you guys....

Please go many thousand years back..........*** Am Chandrika here*** Its okay....chill !!! Atleast let me have fun dreaming....let me stay satisfied with my dreams on!

Chandrika was a beautiful young girl who was brought-up listening to many amazing stories of Lord Sri hari.
She lived in a small yet beautiful village which was close to Dwaraka. She had immense devotion on Sri hari.
She kept talking about Hari all the time to her friends & her family. Her family was as well devoted to Lord Vishnu.
        Her great grand father had long back built a temple for lord Hari in her village. It was indeed a beautiful temple in which the form of hari was so majestic and charming.
He was in his "Anantha sayanam" rupam. There was as well a sanctum for Lakshmi matha.
She visited the temple every morning & evening. She had an idol of hari in her room and always kept talking to Hari. She sang, danced, laughed, cried, fought, blushed in the thoughts of Hari.
One early morning she was drawing kolam(decorative designs) in front of her house while her mom was busy in the kitchen & her dad was engrossed in his pooja.
Chandrika sang Hari kirtan as she drew the kolam with her delicate fingers.
All of a sudden she got so excited when she heard a group of people singing "Bolo Narayana narayana Hari hari....Swami narayana narayana hari hari" The song pierced her heart!
That Saturday morning the sadhus were performing their nagara sankeerthanam (ppl sing the praises of hari in various streets in groups with all kinds of musical instruments while they walk and then go to temple to take darshan)
Chandrika couldn't just resist the Hari naamam(names of  Lord Hari).....She was in ecstasy the moment she heard the bhajans...she forgot everything including herself.
She dropped her small vessel down in which she had the rangoli powder and she ran to join the group.., along with them she danced & sang the Hari kirtan.
Chandrika joined the group even forgetting to inform her parents.
After a while her mom came outside to feed the cattle and was astonished at the unfinished rangoli and her daughter was missing too.
She ran in the streets calling out to Hari searching for her young & beautiful daughter.
One of the neighbours informed her mom about the incident that happened a while ago which relieved her from pain & anxiety.
Chandrika returned home after couple of hours once the bhajans & darshan was over.
She was really fretting about getting back home. As she imagined she was totally yelled at for leaving the home without any information.
She went to her room and cried to hari.
Such incidents took place every now & then. Few of her neighbours called her crazy. Chandrika never bothered about anything. She was always immersed in hari's thoughts.
Infact her friends used to tease her saying, "Hey.., this isn't just bakthi!!!! Looks like you are in love with Hari!!!!
We can understand just by looking at your thirsty eyes when u talk about him" & another friend said, "No NO We understand about it the moment your face brightens-up when we take Hari's name heheee"
Her dear friend Keerthi teasingly said, " haaan I knew the other day when you ran behind the ther(chariot) calling out Hari hari are in LOVE!!!"
Chandrika blushed and her friends at once said, "YOU are CRAZYYYYYYY!!!!! He is GOD!!! How can u have feelings for him!! better change yourself chandri...its no good!"
Chandrika brushed away all the so-called advises given by her friends. She came to her room. saw her hari's idol, blushed, she couldn't even lift her face up and look at him.....her cheeks turned out to be pink.
Her heart was over-flowing with passion for Hari. She coudln't resist that moment. She ran to the door and locked it.
She walked slowly towards her Hari's idiol, took him in her arms, hugged him and kissed him all night.
Her thirst was not quenched, her bottled-up feelings was so much that she couldn't control herself..all her passionate emotions burst into tears.
She suffered the pain of separation from Hari. She couldn't bear it...She cried all night!
Likewise so many many sleepless & merciless harsh nights passed-by....She became impatient day by day and became very desperate to unite with Hari.
one morning when she went to the temple, she kept fighting with old lady who passed by enquired, "Why are you crying so much dear?"
Chandrika- "Sorry won't understand:-(("
The old lady- "No pls tell me dear what it is....or show me your palms! Am a palm reader, I can tell you remedies for your problems whatever it may be!"
Chandrika- "Pls leave me alone ma!!! I have nothing to share with you....when the conserned person himself doesn't care about me why on earth would u care for me???!!!!!!!"
Old lady forcefully dragged her arm and read out the beautiful lines in her palm. She was amazed!!!!!!!! "WOW!!!!!! I have never seen such a lucky palm before ever in my life.
It says here that You will be married to the ultimate lord who is the king of all three worlds!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW......U r the luckiest!"
Chandrika's happiness knew no bounds....."WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT""" She cried out! She immediately just grabbed the old lady and hugged her tightly crying & kissing her everywhere possible.
 Chandrika took the blessings of that old lady who told her that any day Hari would come & ask for her hand.
Chandrika walked rather jumped back to home with so much of joy.....At the entrance of her small home, she saw a grand chariot with horses parked. She slowly peeped inside not knowing if it was right to enter.
Lakshmanan-her baiya(brother) came out and took her in.
Lakshmana introduced Chandrika to the guests who were on their way to Dwaraka all the way from Mathurapuri.  
Lakshmana said, "Chandri say namaste to Krishna ji & Balaram ji. They were in search of a small place to freshen-up and to give rest to their horses as their horses were tired from running all the way.
They asked me for such a place to rest and I brought them here to our home trusting that U & amma can prepare a nice & delicious lunch for these gentlemen who are on their way to Dwaraka"
Chandrika lifted her face up to say "namaste" respectfully to the guests and at once caught the glimpse of the dark & handsome guy she has ever seen or imagined. Her eyes widened, her heart skipped a beat, it was as though she froze for a second when she saw him.......He winked at her with a teasing smile, at once she turned her face down......She was shocked!!!!

Infact she was upset with her baiya for bringing home such strangers. She joined her mom in the kitchen and they cooked a delicious meal for their dear guests.
Mom, "Chandrika, pls help me in serving them!"
Chandrika, "MAAAA....Pls don't force me.....You serve the lunch & don't call me out AT ALL!!! PLZZZZZZ ma I beg you!"
Her mom frowned at her & continued pleasing their guests. Chandrika kept whispering in the kitchen...."Off-late lakshmana is loosing his senses!! How can he trust such strangers, bring them home & offer them feast!!!!!!how dare that guy winks at me!!!! Haaaan was sooooooooooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!! sheeeeesh am I crazy to call him handsome! His eyes was filled with love for me though!!!! Hmmmmmmmm Little does he know that I belong ONLY TO LORD SRI HARI"
Very soon the feast was over and after some time Krishna & balarama were all set to take-off to Dwaraka. Chandrika thought to herself, " haaaan finally the flirt is leaving!!! What a relief!" suddenly a thunder gave shivers to chandrika and in no seconds it was POURINGGGGGGGG heavily!
Lakshmana & Chandrika's dad forced the guets to stay back that night and brought them in.
"Ohhhhh NOOOOOO!!!!! I should have stayed back in the temple itself today.... Sigh!!!" thought Chandrika though she was secretly excited in her heart. She din't know why though. She was forcing her heart not to feel excited. She was forcing her heart to stop thinking about that dark & handsome guy....." Ya well! Good luck to her!!!!

It might be too long if I post the whole thing right away. So I shall post the next (the final part) as next sequel.

Am sure you guys would guess suspense in here(thats not the intention as well).....Wa those days(when I wrote this, I was jobless) almost the whole day I kept visualizing what if these thoughts were real u know...what if really really HARI Comes.....!!!! Wow!!! Infact we think we'll go & grab him....but actually we might be so shocked and freeze for several mins until he unfreezes us hahahahahaha.......What a goal to have na in life!!! Sounds crazy sometimes though!!!!!