Friday, January 7, 2011

What is raas leela?

One might be tempted to think that raas is just the general dancing of krishna with gopis in a circle...But...How true an assumption is that?
Basically, what majority of us know about raas leela is just the tip of the iceberg! There is a very intimate and profound meaning to this divine engagement of the senses with the Supreme.

Watch the video and discover your answers...


  1. Tanvee, nice video.
    But, personally, imho, i think the last thing on the Gopis' mind was Yoga. They didn't need it- He was there!!!
    What people yearn for through yoga is perhaps mukti, or freedom from this material world. But...
    the Gopis recieved and enjoyed more than that- His association, and the ability to serve Him. Only that, is true mukti, true happiness, and wow!

  2. true...Krishna himself has confirmed in the BG that, above all yoga comes bhakti-yoga which automatically incorporates prem and vishwas. The gopis were in full bhakti of him even unconsciously by forever thinking of Him and they were granted the benediction of his association. If the Gopis who were staunch lovers of him received his love then devotees like you and me are not far...All we need to do is forever meditate upon the hansome Divine Krishna and we too shall be maybe...dancing on the same beats of raas with him someday (sighs) :) :) :)

  3. raas leela has a short explanation of mine[ this is not enough, i know.but this is just an attempt]
    Eminence in
    jai sreekrishna
    waits to hear thy tunes!