Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning Miracle

Sunday Morning's are always lazy.
It's not the day after work, but the day before it.
Come Monday, and you have a storm awaiting you.
So, today, when i "got up", it was an early 05: 30. But, after a lot of (day) dreams, it was two hours later that i pulled myself out of bed.
It's funny, but there's more work on a Sunday than a normal day. This includes all that procrastinated cleaning, and in my case, a dangerously huge amount of laundry to take care of.
All this cumulative excuses made me decide that i could take care of the morning pooja later, and decided to devote myself to essential work.
So, even as the radio played some beautiful songs that made me think of the Hero of this blog, i chose to do with an apology unto Him.
Now, we just shifted houses, and we are still living out of suitcases, so to speak.
This makes access to basic things like a calendar very difficult.
Things that really make your life, you will never understand until you don't have them.
So, even as the simple task of glancing at a calendar is made complicated, we still managed to discover it is an Ekadasi today.
Damn my resolve to do productive work, i thought!
But, i still decided not to budge. i proclaimed another heart-felt apology, and continued what i was doing.
All the while, the music was making me think more and more about Him.
And, add to this, our neighbours having organized some chanting, the beautiful sounds of it easily pierced our walls, and icily pierced my heart, leaving it full of guilt.
i moaned about how, even on any normal day, i wouldn't have breakfast till i had finished the morning prayers. And, today being an Ekadasi, i felt so distraught that i was going to eat without having His "theertham"
So, even as i poured milk into a bowl, and added the diet conscious breakfast cereal, my mind kept apologizing to Him.
Not really thinking about it, i reached out for a water bottle kept on the kitchen shelf (another drawback you get used to when shifting is drinking water out of bottles).
Anyways, drinking water is one of those voluntary activities you enver think about.
But, even as a song played inside me, even as the water touched the insides of my mouth, a sweetness filled me.
Yes! It was not plain water. It was flavoured with cardamom and tulasi. The small flakes of cardamom teased my tongue and the fragrance of tulsi stunned my senses.
This could not had to be....but how could it?????
Someone had stored it in a water bottle!! (i suspect my dear grandmother)
And, i had drunk it even before i had had my breakfast!
I had picked up some random bottle without thinking, and it turned out to be His theertham!
i was not in any position today morning to offer prayers, or go see Him, but He had blessed me with His mercy anyways!
How do i describe what all i felt?
How do i describe this dear heartthrob, who answered my thoughts so sweetly?
How can i describe the greatness of this Lord of ours, who threw "protocol" to the winds, and gave me the greatest gift?
Oh! How wonderful are His ways!
Today, he blessed an unfit devotee, by giving me what i had wanted.
Today He gave me theertham on His own, even when i had not taken my morning bath!
i still know it is wrong not to fast today, but whatever may be it, that kind Parthasarathy now has my heart firmly fastened to His feet.


  1. Ah! Indeed, a miracle. Sometimes, God wishes us to eat on Ekadesi days, I guess. May be, it's His way of cheering up the devotees :-)

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  2. Hai!!!

    How sweet!!! What a nice & sweet experience!!

    I bet U would have felt like 1000 birds flying in ur heart:-))) hehe....

    Gud one re!

  3. aww so sweet!! These little things deepen the love and longing we have for Him. Aah...i can imagine that miraculous moment... it must be lovely!

  4. It happens to those with faith. And love. :) Thanks for sharing the chweet miracle.

  5. @Mani: No, God gives us an incentive to fast for the next Ekadasi :)

  6. @Aka: @Tanvee: Yes, it was unimaginably magical :))

  7. @Kavinaya aunty: Thanks for visiting :)))