Thursday, December 1, 2011

Qualities of Hari

Now this is a very challenging topic I have given myself as no one can complete his/her narration on this topic.
I so wanted to write here since couple of weeks but not very spontaneous as Tanvi(in writing bhajans), like ILWK(in poems) & like DP(in analyzing Hari).
Me being incompetent never stops me from writing about HIM because I always believe that HE accepts any scribbling with great compassion. Like how a mom appreciates a child's poor drawing of a green crow("so called crow"!!).

This morning I was talking to a devotee friend about his great many things came up in that conversation which induced me to write about it.

I do not know where to start now....but shall just point-down whatever I feel about OUR sweet Sri Hari.

~ Lord Sri Hari is very approachable & down to earth

There are no standard rules as to one should DO this and DO that to please Hari. Even anger pleases him!! Am amazed at that very fact because not everyone can accept anger as much as they accept Love. For instance, King Kamsa constantly had wrath on him and all that Kamsa wanted to do was to defeat HIM. Hari reciprocated with Kamsa by fighting with him and ofcourse slayed him for good and we all know that Kamsa's soul did not enter the gate of hell but on the other hand attained the perfection of great yogis. Now tell me ...what does not please our lord Vishnu? He reciprocates with his devotees the way the devotees want him..Radha & Gopikas had deep desire for him and attained HIM out of that desire(he reciprocated with them according to their will out of love & compassion for them)..same way he reciprocates by fighting if that is what his devotees(like Kamsa & Ravana) want but every soul attains him! That is his mercy...Even in Srimad Bhagavatham the same is confirmed that "if one constantly have intense love, desire, lust, anger, devotion or anything on Hari, they attain HIM"

How approachable he is!!! Anything & everything is right for him...:-)) How blindly he submits himself to his devotees!! Are there any rules here with Hari?? Is there any difference in his eyes?? Love or anger, dirty or clean, Sword or kiss, pushing him away out of anger or grabbing him out of greedy love, Reciting vedam or fighting with him out of love, anything & everything HE accepts. Every emotion directed unto him is one for him...& everyone are equal in front of him. If one does not devote himself to Hari, it doesn't mean that He does not belong to Hari...He might turn-out to be a great devotee in future.....sometimes when we see ppl around us with less devotion, at times we might end-up thinking, "why r they wasting their time like this running behind false pleasure!!!??" you know Hari might laugh looking at that false pride of one's devotion which is nothing but Hari' s blessings. We end-up taking pride for which we are not the actual owners....:-(( after such horrible stages, I learned to think, "even if one pushes away hari, he is gonna grab Hari in near future(in this janma or any other)" similarly we would have too been in an illusion & would have ran behind material pleasure(which we still do by the way) in our previous now who is a great devotee and who is not??? Everyone are equal to HARI... even ppl who say, "don't think of HARI" end-up thinking and uttering names of HARI- knowingly or unknowingly--and the best part is that Hari sees no difference and accepts any thought directed to him....How amazing can he be!!! He is approachable to anyone and everyone...:-)) As rivers attain the Ocean, every soul at one point or the other attains HARI (the super-soul) who resides in everyone.  

   Gopikas were so intoxicated with love for him that they forgot about their homes and came running to him...Few Gopikas were married but had to lie to their husbands in order to meet him...many gopikas' meetings with Krishna was a very secret affair. Lalitha sakhi(supposed to be a very intimate friend of Krishna & Radha) used to arrange for secret meetings of Krishna and his lovers! Now where are rules???? It is always devotion & love for him that matters.

**** One can compromise ANYTHING for Krishna but one shouldn't compromise KRISHNA for anything**** (this is what my very old devotee friend keeps telling often) I really admire this fact and thought I should have it shared here even if it is deviated from what we are discussing about.... sometimes situation can be very never know what is right & what is wrong...At times things that appear to be wrong in the eyes of dharma when done for Hari(in pure devotion) becomes flowers in his lotus feet!

Meera disobeyed her in-laws due to her devotion for Vishnu. She was so tormented by her family who insisted her not to worship one stage she couldn't put-up with the challenges she had to go through Meera wrote a letter to Goswami Thulsidas-a great devotee of Sri Hari, & Thulsidas responded saying, " those who do not hold Rama and
sita ...dear,
shun them as your dire enemies,
howsoever closely related.
prahlada defied his father, vibhishna
deserted his brother and bharta forsook
his mother.
king bali disowned his perceptor
and the gopis left their husbands inorder
order to meet the lord , and the behaviour of them
all was a source of happiness and blessing to the
world at large .
it is in relation to god alone that all kith and kin are worthy of love.
what is the good of the eye-salve
that only serves to make one blind!.
Take up the hint : no more can i say
he is in every way a noble friend,
worthy of your adoration and dearer
to you than your life..."

Had Meera abandoned her family for a material wealth, it would have been a sinful act or acting deviated from dharma..but she did it FOR HARI out of her love for Hari and which is why we all still talk about her. 

Yes when situation demands, one should compromise anything for HIM as HE is valued more than LIFE... and anything done on that pure note to please Hari, he accepts with a broad & compassionate smile.
He lays rules as to how perfectly one should live on earth to attain him but Hari never lays rules for devotion & love which is why even ppl who had wrath on him attained him the same way as yogis attained him. Lust, anger, love...enemity all means the same to him as long as one constantly remembers him. He is so unbelievably approachable, down to earth & friendly that he accepts everything done by his devotees.

In BG he says, " I accept even a drop of water or a leaf offered with love to me" How kind he is! .....

Am so amazed how he could be so down to earth.....!!  The reason why I keep writing about the same fact many times is that I just want to convey that HARI IS ATTAINABLE!  I know .....all of us know that.. Its not a hot news! but when I really miss him, so many devotees have said this to me and immediately there is this rushed feeling in my heart ..."YES I will reach him one day...He will not forget me and leave me for he is my life! & without him am nothing" 

Its only fair to share the fact that "Hari is certainly attainable" even if we all know about is always great to say this, write this, read it..."Hari is attainable!"


First I thought of listing a lot of qualities of Hari but then just discussing one quality of Hari alone made this blog a lengthy more in next (ONLY with his grace) as we are heading towards margazhi..

Okay now I shall better get going to office....Many around me keep cursing my odd shift timings but it has worked out to be best for me as somehow he blesses me to talk and write about him...I always cry and fight for I don't trust my devotion...I only trust on HIS seducing skills:-)) Everything is ONLY because he attracts us....otherwise how on earth can we have this bliss?!

May Hari always keep us with him ....well & safely bound in LOVE!


Tanvi- Pls join us back yaar! Do not enjoy HIS company in seclusion excluding us....:-(( Join us back plsZZZZ:-)


  1. Oh LUEN thank you so much for this post. it made my day in several ways. esp the first few lines- and tulsidas's
    I know i have been SO SO SO SO BAD with keeping up with the blog- I have no words to express my apology, actually; and yet, I m still shamefully trying!

    I have been so fixed up with college work that i have not written as many bhajans hurts me...but i will be free by this coming weekend coz my christmas holiday starts!! :D yay!

    do forgive me y'all for the LONG silence--I promise to come back with a bang!

    love you all my krishna lovers....will be back shortly...

  2. @aka: :)))))))
    I was so downcast, and then i read what you write!!!
    It's like Krishna prescribed it for me. :)
    //Take up the hint : no more can i say
    he is in every way a noble friend,
    worthy of your adoration and dearer
    to you than your life..."//
    Beautiful words. Thanku so much for posting this! :)

  3. and oh!! the pic!! *drools*
    It's now my desktop image :))

  4. Hey Tanvee..,

    Always great to have u here yaar:-))

    No probs.....its gud to be silent sometimes bcas when u break the silence, U'll have A LOT TO SAY...hehe:-))

    Really...what a letter he has sent to her!!! Such an eye-opener for ALL!!!

    Love U too dear...have fun during holidays...any plans of flying down to India??

  5. Hey ILWK,

    Wow..see.. he has his way of communicating to his dear ones...:-))

    I too loved those lines in his letter.....infact the entire letter is so gud na?? Imagine how Meera wud have felt!!! Wow!

  6. Hey Ya de..such a cooool pic...wish i cud paint like that...!:-((

    I was even searching for painting classes..last week-end..I want to paint Krishna:-) I have tried doing that in past...i really do not have any comments abt guess u can understand hehe I do know...somehow i love to paint Radhe-krishna...but we have an artist in our group i believe...""Tanvee"" I somewhere read that this Madam paints....Tanvee, u shd have ur paintings(Krishna ka) posted in our that we all can see & envy:-))

  7. @LUEN: You dont need painting classes. I think nobody does; because, any scribble, dribble, abstract that is put on paper becomes a painting!
    Well, now I have created a post especially on your request with one of my paintings- it is most loved esp by my female friends.
    by the way, before you guys get all your expectations high, let me tell you: I 'm not a pro painter at all! I paint without any such technicalities in mind- so forgive me for errors!!

  8. Wonderful post, LUEN! And you had me giggling when you said you thought of listing down all his qualities but just one quality got you saying so much. We all know how good Krishna is at doing things like that! Such a charming, naughty boy! You should turn this into a series and every now and then, post something about one of his qualities!

    And like you already mentioned, it was REALLY nice to read again and again that Hari is attainable. We forget that sometimes and we feel distant from him, and don't realize that he is actually very close to us. This was a good reminder, so thank you :)

  9. Hey Dp..,

    I know....I mean... neither did I realize I was going to write so much...just thought of pointing out few qualities...We everyday try, analyse and really really take efforts in understanding him.....though everyday we fail to understand him, he makes us realise few things out of his immense grace & love. So I thought we all shd discuss "his qualities" so that we get to know him better.....He must be giggling after reading this!!!! hehe...he might think, " Ya right!!! Try try....hehehe" Just kiding...he is v sweet...He'll help all of us to understand him better:-)

  10. Very, very nice..... and very true :) yep kanha is so sooooo sweet.... v luv him don't we.... i can't even imagine his reaction to this.... :)

    very nice post... and very true. yes, sometimes we do need to be reminded of this.... just what i needed. it made my day. thanks :)

  11. "Love or anger, dirty or clean, Sword or kiss, pushing him away out of anger or grabbing him out of greedy love, Reciting vedam or fighting with him out of love, anything & everything HE accepts."

    Loved this line the most :)